IS  there anything more special than spending time outside with your family or friends enjoying the food, fun and flavor of a summer barbecue?
The Story by Josh ,
Owner & Inventor
Unfortunately for many people these occasions 
are often ruined thanks to rodents (especially squirrels) who, for some reason, like to chew 
on and gnaw through propane gas grill hoses.
The hose worked so well that I was soon inundated with orders from my friends, family and neighbors. The word spread so fast that in November of 07 the  Grill Hose By Josh Website was officially open for business.

Order the last replacement gas grill hose you'll ever need..... we guarantee it! ►►►►►►►►►►
While it's irritating and expensive to replace hose, the larger issue is the behavior can be deadly. In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, over 6,500 barbacue fires result in injuries and property losses in excess of $27 million each Year.

A few Summers ago the unthinkable happened to a close friend of mine.  One evening as he was preparing to put a few steaks on his grill he noticed the slight smell of gas. He looked under the grill and tightened all the valves. He never realized that, in fact, his line was leaking thanks to a animal who ate away at his gas line. When he pressed the ignition switch the grill immediately burst into flames. He was lucky and got away with minor burns.

After trying and failing to stop the animals with
several over the counter solutions which included
metal tapes and poisons like moth balls (not a
good idea around food) he decided to ask me for
advice. As a master mechanic by trade I looked at
the situation and came to the conclusion that the only way
to 100% stop the problem once and for all was to wrap the
BBQ hoses in layers of special industrial strength (high pressure) steel braiding and tape. After many attempts I finally found the balance between protection and flexability so the hose can be easily installed.

"I have two baby boys and now I don't worry about dangerous gas leaks or having to spend any more money replacing hoses. Josh's custom wrapped hoses stand up to any steel jawed rodent!"
Ms. Margaret O.  - Wynnewood, PA

"After my 5th new host ($35 each time) I gladly paid $49 one time to never worry or replace a hose again!!"
Thanks Josh"

Mark M. West Chester PA.

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"Thanks josh, the dang squirrels can gnaw away to the hearts content, all they're getting are sore gums and cavities"
Willie, West Virgina

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